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Articles on the past couple of Boodle Bash Events


June 21, 2017 | Newport Beach CA | Class of 2021

The cadet candidates for USMA class of 2021 met at Newport Beach for games and a bbq in the club's first annual Feed the Beast event. The idea was to provide a place and event for the future cadets to bond, share contact information and develop some new friendships to help carry them through their first West Point experience, loving titled Beast Barracks. 

Current cadets were also on hand to answer questions.

We had 13 cadet candidates and around 40 in all in attendance. We are excited to add this to the club's annual list of events.

Many thanks to Stefani Yoshi (Class of 2021 Liaison) for hosting.


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The West Point Parents Club of Orange County California

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West Point Parents Club of Orange County is an energetic organization whose purposes are to provide support to cadets, their families and the United States Military Academy; To facilitate communication between the Academy and cadet parents; To promote the image of West Point, assisting the Academy in recruitment efforts; To provide fellowship among parents of cadets. 

If you are a cadet parent or grad parent living in Orange County, or nearby, we welcome you to join us.