The West Point Parents Club of Orange County is an Amazon Smile approved charity. 

By selecting us in your Amazon account and by using the Smile.Amazon.com link when you shop at Amazon, .05% if your purchase price will be donated to WPPC-OC. Remember to bookmark your Smile.Amazon link and also note that often purchased made on mobile devices aren't credited - be sure you are on the Smile.Amazon link.

All this can be a little troublesome and the donation amount is very small and there are many who say that doing this actually damages the charity because potential givers believe they are already doing something good for the charity and they are less inclined to give. But we know that's not you! 

Here's an article that discusses some of the downside to Amazon.Smile giving: 
"Why Amazon Smile Doesn't Make Me Smile"

We think that every donation counts and we appreciate your support in every way you give.

To select your Amazon.Smile charity: 

  1. Sign in to smile.amazon.com on your desktop or mobile phone browser.
  2. From your desktop, go to Your Account from the navigation at the top of any page, and then select the option to Change your Charity. ...
  3. Select a new charitable organization to support. (Search for "West Point Parent's Club of Orange County"

Thank you for your support!